How to Create Your Own Signature Scent

by Morgan Turner


Remember in High School when everyone was wearing Love Spell? Yea we're off that. Here at Savage Glow we recognize we are all beautifully different, so why confine you to a few different scents? Smell is the most memorable sense we have so, stand out and be remembered. 

How to Create Your Own Signature Scent 

There are three classes of scent: top, middle and base notes. With all three elements you can blend an unforgettable scent. So lets just say you pick your top, middle and base notes, place your order and once they are mixed they smell.... horrible. Don't freak out, because all of our body butters are mixed by a living, breathing human being, we'll email ya with some suggestions on how to even things out. 

Top Note

Top notes are meant to intrigue you, attract you to come and stay awhile... kind of like a quick trip to that store we will not mention with the bullseye and cute dog. These scents usually fade within 30 minutes of application. 

Middle Note

Your middle notes serve as your foundation of your fragrance, this will make up around 40-80% of your fragrance.

Base Note

Base Notes are typically your rich and smooth scents. This scent will make up around 10-25% of your complete signature scent. (Or 100% if you are about that life.)


Need some Ideas?

Blueberry Vanilla Lilac 

Vanilla Grapefruit

Coconut Jasmine Peach

Peach Mango Lavender 

Peach Magnolia 

Banana Jasmine Passionfruit Vanilla (The Crowd Fav- Tropical Jasmine) 

Lavender Bergamot Peach

White Tea Lemon